Mmatsebe Tented Camp

A Typical Day on Safari

An early morning wake up starts the safari day as the sun rises. Your wake-up call will be between 5am and 6am – a gentle “koko” (knock-knock in Setswana) at the entrance to your room.

Before the early morning game drive, a light breakfast will be offered,  just enough to boost your energy without using up too much of the golden hours of early morning, which is one of the best times of the day to see animals. Later on, as the temperature rises, many of them will retreat to the shade before becoming active again in the late afternoon.

Having spent the morning exploring the surrounding wilderness in search of Botswana’s hidden treasures, you will return to the camp for lunch. Just as the animals retreat to escape the heat of midday, we recommend that you do too. This is your chance to catch up on your reading, write about your adventures in your journal, take a siesta – or all three!

Later in the afternoon you will head out into the wilderness once more as the animals begin to feed and drink again. As the sun dips below the horizon, marvel at the sheer splendour of an African sunset and toast the beauty of Nature. This is best done with the traditional sundowner choice: a G&T.

On your return to camp, enjoy a hot shower and then gather around the warmth of the campfire to relive the day’s events with your fellow adventurers whilst listening to the sounds of the night.

Dinner is normally served between 7.30 – 8pm maybe with a lion roaring in the distance or a little Scops owl in a tree nearby.