Guide was a lovely person and the best guide we had on our holidays. Comfy beds, everything we needed. Great tents! Delicious food and service. Vehicle very comfortable with well stocked drinks fridge. Had the most incredible time – memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing this most beautiful part of the world.  We learnt so much and felt so well looked after and witnessed the most incredible moments.


Guide had much experience, perfect knowledge, very friendly, good positions for photographs & good entertainer!! Excellent food & crew very attentive & caring / ready for all wishes.


Our guide, hands down the best in the business in every aspect. I will only return with him as our guide, he made this unforgettable. No issues with equipment, everything was top notch. the backup team was fantastic, top notch service. Food & service far surpassed any of our expectations. Will absolutely recommend Okavango  Expeditions & this group of guys to all of my friends

Dave & Thomas Olsen

Just like the logo says – a safari experience of a lifetime.  The bar has been set!  I will be talking about this for the rest of my life.


Our guide was so knowledgable, funny and found all the animals we wanted. Hearty & tasty meals, chef was amazing and great variety to include African meals. Landcruisers were perfect. Love open viewing and amazing durability. Life changing and affirming. I’ll be back with my family.


Great staff, great atmosphere, would recommend Okavango Expeditions to friends and family.


Our guide had unbelievable knowledge, always had us laughing with is jokes & animal impressions. Gift is a great cook, the variety every meal was unreal. One of the best experiences I have ever had. The staff totally made it memorable. Incredible camping locations. Will be recommending Okavango Expeditions to everyone!


Our Botswana Safari was absolutely sensational. The guide was terrific without being over the top and the camp staff just great with nothing being too much trouble. Although quite basic, when compared to our other tenting experiences, it certainly didn’t lack anything and the food was well above expectations. A really enjoyable 10 days, although we are over the early morning starts, with incredible animal sightings. We actually encountered leopard nearly six days in a row and this wasn’t at a distance either with several of them just walking past the car. I won’t bore you with a photo but would highly recommend the guide and company. Thanks for putting us on that trip. We also had a great group who all got on which also helps.


I think we had one of the best of the best in guide Meier.  Instinctively and intuitively knew were the animals were and I think he was a lion in “a past life!”  His knowledge of animals and birds was encyclopedic.  It was not a job to him, it was his passion. Don’t know how they cooked all their homemade meals on camp stoves and wood fires – from homemade soups to baking and deserts. And no repeat on menus – good variety and delicious.  You do get bounced around a lot, especially on transit stages.  The first and third rows had steps to assist access, but only stepping on the tire for the middle row. I remember having lunch and looking over and seeing an elephant standing right next to my tent eating seed pods.  Another confirmation that this was Africa and not Walt Disney!  Only animal I did not see was a rhinoceros, but that was not high on my list.  Sometimes when the guide was “hot on the trail” of lions, we would pass animal groups that would have been nice to take photos of, but in the end, we would cycle back and more often than not get the photo ops the second time around.

Putting aside some of my minor suggestions, it was a once in a lifetime, magical experience that is virtually impossible to put into words to the “folks back home”. Whenever and wherever  you travel, you are still basically in your own world.  Not on a safari – you are in their world, the animals – you are getting in touch with nature in its most natural state and in the process getting in touch with yourself.  Everyone should do a safari in their lifetime.


We have just arrived at Victoria Falls this afternoon. Our 10 day trip in Botswana far exceeded expectations. It is truly an amazing opportunity. We saw so many spectacles that we couldn’t have even hoped for. Wild dogs regurgitating a kill to their pups right in front of us, a male lion attacking a hippo, a whole pride trying to take down giraffe, and more. It was fantastic, and the vegetarian food was thoroughly delicious. I can’t recommend Okavango Expeditions highly enough. Everything else will be anti-climactic. By the way, all vehicles to drive on paved roads are required by law to have seatbelts in Botswana. It also turns out that it was definitely possible to do laundry on the trip. They provided laundry soap.

Thanks John!